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5 Reasons to try Your Flora Symbiotics…     


Gut health has gained a lot of attention over recent years and it is now understood to be the foundation for overall health and well-being. Within our guts, we each have our own unique ecosystem made up of over 1000 bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms, influencing both our physical and emotional health.


For a long time we’ve been concerned about supporting the good bacteria in our digestive tracts with probiotic products, but good bacteria are just one piece of the puzzle. Here are 5 reasons to try our Your Flora symbiotics:


1: Not just isolated strains of bacteria.

“The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.”- Louis Pasteur. In choosing our Organic symbiotics you don’t just get beneficial bacteria, but also the factors you need to build a healthy environment in the gut that is optimal for supporting life, and the nutrients to allow the bacteria to survive, colonise, and thrive. If they have this correct environment bacteria will multiply rapidly, with a single bacteria becoming 400 trillion bacteria in just 1 day.


However, if the environment is unbalanced and the terrain is not fit for sustaining life then good bacteria will not survive, especially if we take isolated probiotics lacking in diversity of species and with no ecosystem of nourishment, or nutrients to help them on their journey. Our fermented supplements encourage microbial diversity and support your unique gut flora rather than artificially dictating it. The priority for a healthy digestive ecosystem is building a healthy environment that it is optimal for supporting life, then we can focus on providing the right microbes and the nutrients to allow them to thrive and colonise.



2: Probiotics from plants.


Our your flora symbiotics are organic, all natural, and never isolated strains created in a laboratory. When you choose an organic symbiotic supplement, you are choosing an Organic food product, a living ecosystem full of life, and the factors needed to support it. Symbiosis is the intimate relationship of different organisms living and evolving in harmony within an ecosystem for the benefit of each other.


Unfortunately, the majority of probiotics can never provide the vast diversity of microorganisms needed, nor have the nutrients to help them colonise, or nourish the all-important terrain they live in. They do not provide an ecosystem or environment which is absolutely critical for survival and colonisation.



3: Unique digestive nutrients.


The fermented soy base of the your flora range provides the structural proteins to build healthy tissue like L-glutamine, L-proline and L-glycine, and energy sources for tissues like the short chain fatty acids L-butyrate, and L-propionate. These compounds help to support the gut environment, reinforce the digestive lining and reduce inflammation.


Fermented soy also provide neurotransmitters, a rich and diverse array of microbes, enzymes and communicating compounds which are key for digestive, immune and overall health. Both bacteria and yeast produce a vast range of enzymes to convert any food into a true super-food. Our bodies produce 22 digestive enzymes, but fermentation produces 200+.



4: Fermentation.


Fermented foods were the probiotics of our ancestors. Fermentation is an ancient practice, it is nature’s way of converting basic foods into nutritional powerhouses. It is a process where compounds like sugars and starch are converted by beneficial microorganisms (bacteria or yeasts) into alcohol or acids. During this transformation microorganisms convert nutrients into highly active and easily digestible forms, as well as creating a vast array of additional nutrients that support our health.


Fermented soy has a long history of traditional use and is highly nutritious and beneficial for the gut ecosystem. The Asian cultures consuming fermented soy have the healthiest and most diverse gut flora in the world, such as the Okinawans in Japan. Fermented organic soy contains a rich diversity of microorganisms and key digestive nutrients, including amino acids, phytonutrients, neurotransmitters and phospholipids. It has been shown to increase the number of probiotics and reduce populations of unwanted bacteria, and significantly improve the ecosystem of the intestinal tract.



5: Herbal Support


Our Your Flora range of kefir-kombucha fermented supplements contains 6 unique products to support digestive health, each product is based on fermented soy and expertly blended with key digestive herbs like slippery elm, aloe vera, artichoke and fennel, to tailor the product for specific digestive symptoms. Fermented, organic soy milk and herbs are a powerful and natural way to support our gut health and nourish our terrain.


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