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We have been hard at work in our fermentation HQ and are excited to introduce you to our 8 brand new organic fermented products: Organic Fermented Symbiotic offers a new natural way to nourish the microbiome.

Popular Ayurvedic herbs Shatavari and Tribulus join the fermented herbal singles range. There are also several new fermented blends to support modern day health concerns: LVR-Plex, Aller-Plex and Attention, and there are new comprehensive female and male health formulas with the introduction of Woman, and NitroX respectively.

We utilise a therapeutic fermentation process, transforming our herbs and foods into superior bio-activated forms. Fermentation is an ancient practice; it is nature’s way of converting basic foods into nutritional powerhouses. During this transformation microorganisms convert nutrients into highly active and easily digestible forms, as well as creating a vast array of additional nutrients that support our health.

The key benefits of our fermentation include:

  • Pre-digested for maximum bioavailability
  • Activated polyphenols and their metabolites
  • Additional nutrients
  • Intracellular signalling compounds
  • Beneficial microbes and enzymes

The power of fermentation

Fermentation was utilised by our ancestors to preserve food, but it has many benefits that reach beyond preservation. Fermentation maintains the holistic integrity of the plant. We can enhance nutrition rather than extract it, and we are able to keep foods and herbs in their whole state as you would find in nature.

Fermentation improves nutrient content and makes nutrients more bioavailable. The enzymes produced via fermentation (over 200!) also assist us in digesting, absorbing and utilising the nutrients in food. Fermentation helps to neutralise the anti-nutrients found in many foods–like phytic acid found in grains–and creates microbes, peptides and signalling compounds that work at a cellular level.

Fermented supplements create a whole new world of living, bio-activated, highly energetic nutritional complexes that the body intuitively recognises and utilises to maximum, therapeutic effect.

If you look at any traditional culture you will find that fermented foods were a dietary staple, from kimchi in Korea to injera in Ethiopia, not forgetting cocoa and coffee in Africa and the Americas. Two of the most prized fermented foods are kefir and kombucha, our ancestors knew how beneficial these foods could be and today research is backing this up (1, 2).

Our therapeutic fermentation process has been developed over many years of research and development following traditional practices, and we believe it is the most evolved natural fermentation ever created as a food supplement.

We use a specially developed hybrid fusion of organic water kefir grains and organic kombucha SCOBY and ferment our organic ingredients in a two-phase process over many weeks. Every fermentation is done in small 10-litre vats and maintained in optimal conditions. We monitor the changes each day until the fermentation has reached its peak activity.

New Product Highlights:

  1. Organic Fermented Symbiotic

Symbiotic provides a high dose of healthy biodiverse microbes, held within a nutritious fermented food base to repopulate, nourish and balance your microbiome, the natural way.

  • 120+ strains of beneficial microbes
  • 30 billion+ CFUs
  • Key digestive nutrients and enzymes
  1. Organic Fermented NitroX

NitroX is a blend of fermented tribulus, cordyceps and beetroot, designed to support male health and as a pre-workout to increase nitric oxide levels and support sports performance.

  • Supports male health, vitality and libido
  • Rich in nitrates, steroidal saponins and cordycepin for physical stamina
  1. Organic Fermented Woman

Woman utilises an Ayurvedic style fermentation of ashwagandha, shatavari and holy basil and is designed to support female health and resilience at every stage of the life cycle.

  • Supports female health and hormonal balance
  • Traditional blend of adaptogens to support stress resilience
  1. Organic Fermented Attention

Attention is a blend of bacopa, gotu kola and lemon balm designed to regulate nervous stimulation and help focus. Ideal for those who struggle with hyperactivity and poor concentration and may be beneficial for ADHD symptoms.

  • Nootropic herbs to support cognitive function
  • Support for nervous excitement, overstimulation and concentration
  1. Organic Fermented Aller-Plex

Aller-Plex combines reishi spores, nettle and turmeric, this blend of bio-activated herbs and mushrooms is designed to regulate histamine response, and the body’s reaction to seasonal and environmental challenges.

  • Contains herbs with anti-allergenic properties to modulate healthy immune response
  • Rich in compounds that inhibit histamine release
  1. Organic Fermented LVR-Plex

LVR-Plex combines milk thistle, artichoke and turmeric and is designed to support healthy liver detoxification, as well as sluggish digestion and associated symptoms of indigestion, bloating, and nausea.

  • Supports normal functioning of the liver and digestive tract, aiding detoxification
  • Protective effects against liver disorders
  1. Organic Fermented Tribulus

Tribulus is an uplifting herb and natural adaptogen to support physical health, athletic performance, and vitality, particularly in men.

  • Traditional support for performance
  • Natural adaptogen to support stress resilience
  1. Organic Fermented Shatavari​

Shatavari is a nourishing herb to support female health through all stages of the life cycle, from hormonal imbalance to fertility support and menopause. Shatavari is considered a rejuvenating herb for the female reproductive system.

  • Traditional support for female health
  • Natural adaptogen to support stress resilience

Our difference

Our Organic fermented products set a new gold standard in what a food supplement should be. Our formulas evolve whole foods into living, nutrient-rich complexes, supplying every compound the body needs to recognise and use them fully.

These living complexes are highly bioavailable to the human body and full of key active compounds created only through fermentation. The result is a living synergy of activated polyphenols, micronutrients, enzymes, microbes and various sensory compounds that elevate our organic herbs and foods to the next level of vitality.

In order to provide the very best products unrivalled in vitality, we strive for the very best in every area of our preparations and end products. Therefore, we refuse to compromise on the quality of our ingredients, or our amazing fermentation, and of course never introduce artificial ingredients or processes at any stage.

We follow the more ancient traditions to medicine which are centred around rebalancing the body by encouraging vitality and harmony. Each of our formulas draws on traditional holistic approaches encouraging the body to achieve sustainable long term optimal health.




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