Why choose fermented supplements?


Fermentation is cool again. Now it’s easy to grab a good quality bottle of kefir or sauerkraut from the shelves, and during this lockdown period many people have spent time getting back in touch with fermented food, from baking sourdough, to pickling veggies. Fermentation is a long tradition which sadly due to industrialisation and modern food processes started to die out. Our ancestors would have used it to preserve food, but fermentation opens up a whole world of possibilities.

If you look at any traditional culture they would have had fermented foods as a staple in their diet, from kimchee in Korea to injera in Ethiopia, not forgetting cocoa and coffee in Africa and the Americas. Two of the most prized fermented foods are kefir and kombucha, our ancestors knew how beneficial these foods could be and today research is backing this up.

Fermentation is an ancient practice, it is nature’s way of converting basic foods into nutritional powerhouses. It is a process where compounds like sugars and starch are converted by beneficial microorganisms (bacteria or yeasts) into alcohol or acids. During this transformation microorganisms convert nutrients into highly active and easily digestible forms, as well as creating a vast array of additional nutrients that support our health.

The enzymes produced via fermentation also assist us in digesting, absorbing and utilizing the nutrients in food. Fermentation helps to neutralize the anti-nutrients found in many foods like phytic acid found in grains.

Fermentation is a great way to introduce beneficial bacteria into your digestive system which can help to bring balance in the gut. These beneficial strains can help to crowd out pathogenic bacteria, produce B-vitamins and vitamin K, and produce short chain fatty acids which help to maintain the gut lining, and protect us from pathogenic organisms.  

Fermented foods are also the most important source of mood stabilising nutrients, offering profound benefits for brain health. Our ancestors knew the beneficial effects of fermented foods on the body including mental function and wellbeing; even the name Kefir was derived from the Turkish word for good feeling.

Why choose Living Nutrition supplements?

At Living Nutrition we use a unique Kefir-Kombucha style fermentation. We take a select range of the finest organic foods and herbs such as Maca, Turmeric and Rhodiola and add them to 35 strains of bacteria and yeast common to both kefir and kombucha that live and work in harmony with each other.

We let them do their thing for 30 days while they ferment away to become a living matrix of activated nutrients, enzymes and beneficial micro-organisms which are easily absorbed and have many proven benefits to health.

The fermentation is done in small batches by hand for a whole month, creating the most alive, active and nutrient dense food possible. Once the fermentation is complete, we use a gentle and slow freeze drying process to capture the full range of nutrients, enzymes and microbes. We never use heat or pressure and we don’t add any fillers, binders or additives.

Benefits of Fermented Supplements:

  • Maintains the holistic integrity of the plant. We are able to enhance nutrition rather than extract it, and we are able keep foods and herbs in their whole state as you would find in nature.
  • Both bacteria and yeast produce a vast range of enzymes to convert any food into a true superfood. Our bodies produce 22 digestive enzymes, but fermentation produces 200+. Fermentation also creates microbes, peptides and signalling compounds that work at a cellular level.
  • Fermentation breaks down nutrients in sugars and starches into easily digestible forms and delivers nutrients in a wholefood matrix.
  • Evolves the plant to a superior form: It increases the availability of vitamins and minerals for our bodies to absorb and it destroys anti-nutrients which are harmful, allergenic and can interfere with our nutrient absorption.
  • Fermentation also helps to create new nutrients and compounds to support optimum wellbeing.

Fermented supplements create a whole new world of living, bio-activated, highly energetic nutritional complexes that the body intuitively recognizes and utilises to maximum, therapeutic effect.

There are so many reasons to try fermented food and herbs. Click here to shop our full collection of Kefir-Kombucha Fermented Supplements.

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