About living nutrition

Living Nutrition is a small UK company founded in 2014 by nutritional therapist Graham Botfield. The basis of all our products is a special kefir-kombucha fermentation process we apply to a variety of organic herbs and foods. As leaders in a new paradigm of plant-based nutrition, we are dedicated to the creation of uniquely active, living supplements that work in harmony with the body to create vibrant health.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is simple: to develop the most effective natural food supplements possible. We aim to be leaders in the field of fermented nutrition through our ongoing research and development. Alongside our own work we hope to educate consumers and professionals in the health industry and various other interests in this important area of nutrition.

Ultimately, we aim to inspire a renewed trust in the wisdom of nature as the foundation for an effective approach to restore human health and vitality.

There is nothing more invigorating for the soul than opening your eyes to the fresh dawn of a new day and breathing in what nature has to offer.’ 

(Graham Botfield, Living Nutrition)

Our principles

Without compromise: We will never compromise on any aspect of our products. We value our time. We invest in research. We care about your health. Any compromise would put all this to waste.

Nature and traditions: Our inspiration comes from what we observe in nature and the ancient traditions of our forefathers. This is the source of the greatest healing knowledge and wisdom.

Never anything artificial: Many supplements include unlabelled ingredients that have no value to health. All our processes and ingredients at every stage are 100% natural and beneficial.

Full transparency: We have nothing to hide and are excited to share everything we do at Living Nutrition. As sharing helps us to grow, let’s build bridges instead of walls, and maybe we can inspire you along the way.

our difference

As leading innovators in fermented nutrition there are many
differences that set us apart from other food supplements. Here are just a few:
  • process Process: A month-long batch fermentation using a unique kefir-kombucha process, tailored to each ingredient
  • knowledge Knowledge: Expertly formulated and overseen by a nutritional therapist and a microbiologist
  • Web Research: We are actively investing in a range of research programmes on the health effects of our products
  • superfoods Enzymes: Each nutrient is bound to its naturally derived enzymes, allowing it to function optimally
  • fermented Creation: Fermentation creates a harmony of signalling compounds, which communicate with us at a cellular level
  • Web Living: Bringing foods and herbs to life is in our name and our nature. All our fermented herbs and foods fit the criteria to be classed as ‘alive’.
  • vegan 100% organic: All our ingredients including our fermented tapioca capsules are organic, non-GMO, vegan, halal, and kosher
  • diversity Diversity: Arguably the largest diversity of 100+ beneficial microbe species within their natural environment

Our History

Please join us on our journey and learn more about this exciting new paradigm in activated nutrition.

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Our founder

Founder Graham Botfield is a nutritional therapist and a researcher who specialises in the digestive microbiome and on the traditional use of herbs. He has worked with respected supplement brands including New Chapter, whose founder and Master Herbalist Paul Schulick has been a great influence on Graham’s approach to developing nature-inspired food supplements. Alongside an expert microbiologist Graham is continually developing new fermented formulations and researching their benefits.

Graham’s great passion aside from fermentation is education. He uses his research at Living Nutrition to lecture on the benefits of fermented plants on modern-day health conditions.

At Living Nutrition, we continue to be inspired by Graham’s research into creating products that work in harmony with the natural ecology of the body:

If we change our approach to medicine from one of fighting disease to one of creating health, we will move away from mega-dosing inert nutrients towards the more subtle healing elements found within nature. Then we will value plants for the native intelligence they hold, one which delivers information to our many cellular senses to encourage healing. Fermentation is nature’s alchemy, evolving plants to a higher level of vitality and nutrition and creating compounds that communicate balance and harmony to our bodies at every level.

Graham Botfield