The Yogi

As a Yogi, you are a compassionate soul, and people are drawn to your positive, grounded energy. Attuned to the higher aspects of your nature, you may be drawn to finding greater spiritual enlightenment and inspiration in ancient religions, folklore, and other aspects of traditional wisdom. You are often guided by intuition and are in tune with what your body and mind need. When in balance, you are a grounded, dependable person who is present for those around you. However, because of your sensitive nature, too much sensory input is draining and you may sometimes feel the need to protect your boundaries and retreat to your safe place.

Do You:

  • Feel overwhelmed by noise or people?
  • Crave more time by yourself?
  • Wish to explore the deeper aspects of your life?
  • Enjoy interacting with others on an emotional and spiritual level?



Restore your natural balance

As a Yogi, you’re drawn to a higher plane, and let’s face it, most of us would love to be more like you! But it can be hard to feel in sync with your true calling all the time, so try the following tips to help you feel more spiritually aligned:

Make a playlist for those moments when you’re feeling emotionally disconnected: sacred music or nature sounds, or whatever sparks your imagination

Keep creative: find what inspires your harmony and creative juices

Make regular plans to go exploring in nature and commit to them

Get a pet, or if you can’t, consider looking after a friend’s

If you say ‘yes’ to everyone, consider saying ‘no’ occasionally

Do something that makes you feel joyful: singing, dancing, learning an instrument

Organic Fermented Wisdom

Living Nutrition’s organic herbal blend ‘Wisdom’ contains herbs and mushrooms designed to support a balanced mental outlook. It’s ideal for those seeking deeper cognitive insight into their chosen practice or who simply want to be in greater harmony with their environment.

This blend combines holy basil and gotu kola to focus the mind and improve memory, matcha green tea for its antioxidant power and aid to concentration, and lion’s mane mushroom for its benefits to neurological function.

This is an ideal formula to take first thing in the morning before meditation or yoga, or any time to enhance and clear the mind.