The Thinker

A genuine creative spirit, people may see you as a bit of a dreamer. Always full of inspiration, sometimes putting your ideas into action can be a struggle and you may have a tendency towards procrastination. You enjoy learning new things and having new experiences, but sometimes you can feel like your attention is being pulled in too many different directions, or you can get distracted. You have a ‘go-getting’ attitude but may find organising your time, energy, and resources difficult, especially if you suffer from ‘brain fog’ or forgetfulness. This can lead to finishing tasks at the last minute, which can leave you feeling tired, anxious, or frustrated.

Do you?

  • Enjoy studying but find it hard to express your ideas?
  • End up staring into space when you know you should be working?
  • Feel overwhelmed by your schedule?
  • Work best when on a pressing deadline?
  • Feel guilty or anxious about your deadlines?



Restore your natural balance

If you’re a Thinker who relies on your brain power but is stuck in a rut and suffering from poor concentration and focus, rest assured you’re not alone! Most people have issues with mental clarity and productivity from time to time and find it hard not to procrastinate. Try the following tips to get you back on track:

If you’re finding it hard to work or study, take regular movement breaks. Exercise helps deliver more oxygen to the brain

Exercise can help to get more oxygen to the brain

If you use caffeine, opt for matcha green tea, which is high in antioxidants for mental performance

Add lion’s mane mushroom to your diet. It’s famed for its support to healthy cognition

Eat regular meals, keep hydrated and avoid refined sugar which can make brain fog worse

Practise good sleep hygiene to maximise mental energy

Organic Fermented Natural Nootropic

Living Nutrition has designed this combination of herbs and medicinal mushrooms with distinctive uplifting properties to support memory and cognitive function.

Gingko is known as the herb for memory and is often used in cases of emotional anxiety or stress. Brahmi is a herb commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine as an all-round health tonic. Green tea is a superfood rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that may support a good mood. The final ingredient, lion’s mane mushroom, is gaining popularity as the go-to mushroom for cognition. This high-antioxidant nootropic formula rich in flavonoids, terpenes, and other important phytochemicals is ideal for situations requiring focus and mental performance such as studying, preparing for an interview or an exam.