The Multitasker

If you are a Multitasker, then you probably spin a lot of plates, and it can be difficult to find a healthy work/life balance. At times, you may have a strong urge to be in control and this can lead to a sense of being ‘inflexible’. Sometimes you feel as if you can’t say no to work or social opportunities. You sacrifice your own wellbeing to the needs of others, and if you don’t police your boundaries, this can lead to burnout and exhaustion. You tend to run on caffeine, sugar or other stimulants as a much-needed source of energy.

Do You:

  • Put everybody else before yourself?
  • Have an endless ‘to-do’ list?
  • Feel secretly like you’re taking on too much?
  • Feel as if you’re ‘running on empty’?



Restore your natural balance

If you’re a Multitasker then you’re not alone. These days few of us have our work/life ratio in balance, and many people can feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. Take a deep breath and read on for some helpful steps to take next time you feel like one of those plates is about to fall!

Keep a sense of perspective: you can’t be in two places at once and try to let go of the less important things.

Try to delegate: talk to your boss/partner/family about what they can do to help you

Swap the quick fixes for nutrient-dense options: matcha green tea is richer in antioxidants than tea and coffee; or try kefir or kombucha for a probiotic energy boost

White carbs will drain your energy in the long run: think dark chocolate with nuts, dried fruit, or oatcakes instead

Be disciplined about your time: avoid energy-draining people and calls

Set a regular bedtime with a book and keep to it

Invest in a mindfulness app or programme

Organic Fermented True Adaptogens

The organic fermented herbs in this formula were chosen specifically for their traditional adaptogenic properties, meaning they work holistically with the body, mind, and spirit during demanding periods.

Holy basil and rhodiola work together to provide support for physical and emotional stress; ashwagandha strengthens physical defences and red ginseng fortifies physical stamina and hormone health. Having more balanced hormones can help prevent that feeling of overwhelm taking over when you need to be in control.

This formula is a great choice when you are under extra pressure or feeling the effects of stress on your nervous system.