Organic Fermented Herbal Food Supplements

Fermented Herbs now replaces the old ‘Alive’ range. The new collection still offers the same great variety of herbs in a living food complex, but now 100% of the ingredients are fermented, meaning that even more of the herbal compounds have been transformed into a vital, active state with enhanced bioavailability. Drawing from traditional practices around the world, such as Ayurveda, we use only the freshest ingredients and a unique triple-stage fermentation process, which is personally monitored and carefully controlled to ensure a truly nutrient-dense product. With Fermented Herbs, enjoy a new form of nutrition to bring balance and harmony to the body.

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We use a unique fermentation process to increase the nutrient levels of our herbs, Turmeric, Maca, Rhodiola, Holy Basil and Ashwagandha, enhancing their effects and aiding their absorption. They are rich in enzymes and microflora and are delivered as a whole living food matrix so you get a natural, effective product that works intuitively with your body.

All of our products are organically certified by the Soil Association, free from excipients, additives, binders and fillers and are suitable for vegans.